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Going Above and Beyond

 Posted by Lisa Haskell on July 12, 2021 at 6:35 PM

We’re often asked what separates Caring Transitions from other relocation businesses in the Atlanta area. We can say there’s extensive training, we’re certified and insured, and a complete solution – a one stop shop, so to speak. But the truth is that the secret to Caring Transitions’ success is very simple – it’s caring and have the commitment to doing what it takes to make the transition a smooth one.

Case in point is a new resident at a senior living residence in Athens. She had lived in a large apartment in Florida but was downsizing to a few hundred square feet near her daughter in Georgia. Her daughter said she was overwhelmed at all that had to be done – she would bring a few personal items but would need an entire apartment set up in Athens in early July. We told her, “we’ve got this.”

So, how did that work? First, there was a video tour of the Florida apartment, measurements and copious notes on the resident’s style and taste which was traditional with a splash of color. She was bringing with her a sentimental arm chair, a few other small decorative and furniture pieces, and cherished artwork.

We purchased furniture and other home essentials, had it all delivered, then set up the apartment so that it was ready when the resident arrived from Florida. She loved it and immediately felt comfortable and, most importantly, at home. This is what sets Caring Transitions apart – caring individuals with a heartfelt goal of truly reducing stress for families during the time of transition.