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Entries for 2020



Is a Retirement Home My Only Option? An article by Hazel Bridges of AgingWellness.org

 Posted by Lisa Haskell on January 30, 2020 at 4:20 PM
 Is a Retirement Home My Only Option?By Hazel Bridges If you’re approaching your senior years, you might not know where to live during this part of your life. Do you stay at home and try to make it work or move into a retirement home? Only you can answer that question, but there are a few indicators that can lead you in the right direction. Retirement Living For active seniors, there are two choices: independent living and ass...

Helping Seniors Downsize and Organize

 Posted by Lisa Haskell on January 15, 2020 at 4:37 PM
If you noticed that Mom, Dad or Grandma are not quite themselves, you are likely not alone. As older adults constantly live longer and have higher quality of life, it becomes more noticeable when that begins to change for those you love. Some of the most common signs of health decline are:Weight LossLoss of AppetiteChanges in MobilityDecreased Social InteractionDecline in Personal HygieneWaning Interest in GroomingMood or Demeanor ChangesIssu...